Heart of Yoga
March 20 (Friday) at 5:00 pm

Jodie Fisher
Class length
1 hour
Shanti Stage
Heart of Yoga - Jodie will present a class of Hatha Yoga in the tradition of T krishnamacharya, from her teacher Mark Whitwell what has been fondly named " the lost teachings". These are simple techniques that every one from beginner to advanced practitioner can incorporate into their practice, the simple technology of breath led movement and and whole body participation in life itself.

Jodi has been teaching yoga for 4 years in the local area, the South West of WA. She has had the pleasure of teaching in local studios, outdoor classes on pristine South West beaches, luxury resorts and private offerings in a multitude of settings. Her passion is helping people of all abilities find their way to their breath and through that breath to their heart connection.

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