Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Qong Friday
March 20 (Friday) at 6:15 pm

149 spots left

Mike Back
Class length
1 hour
Kula Tent
The class includes an introduction to both Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Qong.
As a warm up, the class is lead through the Pa Tuan Chin Sequence (Eight Pieces of Brockade – Qi Qong) and then follow on with a break down of the basics of Tai Chi.  To conclude the class is lead  through the opening and first few steps of the Yang short form.

Michael Back is the current Australian Branch Chief for both the International Tai Chi Society and the Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinko Kai (Japan). He is a registered Doctor of Chiropractic and has studied Acupuncture and Qi Qong therapy in Hong Kong and Beijing.
Like many a youngsters at the time, Michael became fascinated with the Eastern Arts after watching Bruce Lee’s infamous “Enter the Dragon”. Following a serious road traffic injury in 1981, Michael discovered that the Eastern Arts of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Qong offered an excellent means to recovery. The Eastern Arts have been part of his life study ever since.
Circumstance and passion over the years have allowed Michael to live and train for extended periods in China, Hong Kong and Japan studying with masters and within dedicated Qi Qong hospitals. He has taught martial arts in South Africa, Europe, North America, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.
Tai Chi Chuan is a “soft internal” martial art. Its slow, meditative practice makes it suitable for students of any age and in any physical condition. It can perhaps best be understood as mindful movement.
“I look forward to joining and sharing at the South West Yoga Fest 2020. With much respect and gratitude for my teacher, mentor and friend Sifu Edward Jardine.’’  Michael Back.

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