Yin and Sitar
March 21 (Saturday) at 9:45 am

Chandrika Gibson
Class length
1 hour
Shanti Stage
Chandrika will guide you through the deeply restful, meditative practice of yin yoga, accompanied by Satyam playing live on the sitar. Prepare to explore space, silence and sound.

Surya Health are leaders in mind body medicine and yoga therapy. Chandrika Gibson and Satyam Brown are highly qualified and experienced guides for seekers of peace and wellbeing. Chandrika is a naturopath with a Masters in Wellness, currently doing her PhD in integrative oncology, Satyam is a social worker with a masters in counselling, currently serving people at the end of their lives as a mobile Palliative care counsellor. Both are qualified yoga teachers and have been dedicated to the practice of yoga and meditation for more than twenty years. Chandrika is a C-IAYT certified yoga therapist, teacher trainer and senior yoga teacher, sought after for her presentations that bridge eastern and western philosophies.

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