Ditch & Switch - Essential Oils Workshop
March 21 (Saturday) at 9:45 am

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PJ D'Opera
Class length
1 hour
Samadhi Shed
Join PJ for a Ditch and Switch - Essential Oils Workshop in the Samadhi Shed. The Ditch and Switch workshop will introduce you to the world of essential oils, explore the exotic aromas with your nose, enjoy the different flavours of the plant essence and feel its benefit on your skin. Join PJ as she guides you to unlock the secrets on how the oil infused products can assist you to create a healthier you and support your new abundance lifestyle.

PJ D’Opera was born in Thailand, her family relocated to Australia when she was just 15 years old. She remembered as a child how her Grandma used to make a hot drink with honey, aromatic herbs and spices that sooth the scratchiest throat, how her mum used let her play in a tub of warm water made with mixture of dried flowers and coconut oil when she scratched herself raw from insect bites. Those memories were the beginning of PJ’s interest in essential oils.
After a serious car accident in her 20s, PJ was living with a lot of discomfort in her body which also limited her movement around the neck and back areas. She worked with numerous physio therapists, chiropractors, yoga teachers and healers to assist with physical pain. She also started to developed allergy reactions and intolerance to some food, medication and certain household products while she was recovering from the injury. Stressed out to the max from everything that happened, PJ knew she had to do something drastic in order to get better. She kept records on what was making sick, she narrowed it down to her body’s exposure to synthetic chemicals. After reading about the impact of such chemicals on the human’s bodies and the environment, she went back to natural remedies, used essential oils to support her body and mind, and gentle yoga practice to help relieve ache and pain in the body and focused on healing her gut health. She slowly switched out items in her home that were made with damaging chemicals in her home to a greener, safer alternatives.  
In 2017 PJ and her husband have moved to their farm just 15 minutes from Busselton and they both made a commitment to reduce the use of chemicals within their home and on the land they live on. Using regenerative farming practice and organic methods to rehabilitate both the land and her health, she grows her own food and collaborates with other like-minded souls in the community to spread the words and start the cleaner-living movement. She educates and empowers others on how to make small changes in their lives to create healthier home for them and their families.


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