Psoas Release with Zen Ki Yoga Saturday
March 21 (Saturday) at 11:00 am

Janie Larmour
Class length
1 hour
Shanti Stage
Release your Psoas The psoas muscle group is deep in the body but easily accessible when you learn the unique techniques of Zen Ki Yoga. This class will give you optimal energy and blood flow through your pelvis so you are more grounded. Addressing the core, your psoas and piriformis muscles to alleviate hip and back pain and help heal and optimise your reproductive system. Zen Ki Yoga® is a Japanese form of yoga, based on the ancient meridian system, the principles of yin & yang, the 5-element theory, modern exercise science and common sense.

Janie Larmour: Janie has presented extensively at yoga festivals, expos and conferences throughout Australia and internationally including in New Zealand, the USA in Fort Lauderdale, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Om Yoga Show in London. She is regularly invited to teach workshops and teacher trainings in yoga studios in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica (LA) as her popular and unique style of Japanese yoga - Zen Ki Yoga® is now in high demand due to its fast results and Janie's attention to detail in anatomy, alignment and safety. Janie runs a yoga studio in Sydney, two online yoga websites and offers a comprehensive teacher training program in-studio and by distant education. She has 28 classes on DVD, has appeared on the cover of Australian Yoga Journal and had countless articles in many magazines, including the current May 2018 Australian Yoga Journal (see media on website).

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