Men's Circle
March 21 (Saturday) at 11:00 am

30 spots left

Edward Dangerfield
Class length
1 hour
Samadhi Shed
Join Edward for Men's Circle at the 2020 South West Yoga Fest. Men's Circle is a space to sit with each other, breathe and discuss what's alive within us as men. Exploring Divine Masculine and what it means to live in union with Divine Feminine within us. Starting with the breath to ground us, we'll share in Council, and finish with sound healing of the didgeridoo in ceremony ('mamilama' in Larrakia country, Darwin).

Edward Dangerfield blends ancient wisdom traditions with modern neuroendocrinology through movement, meditation and breathwork.
He has a passion for supporting beings to access their fullest potential and balance.

He is honoured to share the teachings of Canadian Elders; the 4 directions; body, mind, emotions and Spirit. Sitting in circle with men is a tradition he upholds and loves to share.

Edward is the founder of Biology of Breath and Breathwork Bali, collectives of breathworkers, sharing and teaching Conscious Connected Breathing globally. Edward is currently based in Canggu, Bali, where he works in clinic at Bali Healing."

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