Yin2You Healing Movement Workshop Saturday
March 21 (Saturday) at 9:45 am

199 spots left

Tricia Woods
Class length
1 hour
Kula Tent
Yin2you Healing Movement workshop. This workshop will educate and guide participants into a deeper understanding of the benefits of combining yoga with organic movement to music for overall wellbeing, using the seven chakras as a focus for renewal and healing. We will begin with a guided meditation to bring awareness to the chakras, followed by a gradual transition into spontaneous, body-led movement to music. We finish the session with another guided process in savasana.

Tricia Woods is an intuitive counsellor and energy healer who has a passion for combining yoga, meditation and dance. She's been a student of yoga for more than 25 years and has always loved to dance. She created Yin2you Healing Movement almost eight years ago when she discovered that by bringing a focus to a particular chakra point and then moving organically to uplifting music, the chakra is energised and emotional healing occurs. She now runs regular Yin2you sessions with groups and individuals in the south-west and online.

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