SUP Yoga with Jess Saturday
March 21 (Saturday) at 12:15 pm

14 spots left

Jess Mitchard
Class length
1 hour
Dharma Dam
Join Jess for FUN SUP YOGA! This class is a water based yoga experiences practiced whilst balancing on stand up paddle boards generously donated by Meelup Beach Hire and SUP School. Our passionate and experienced world class teaching team offer something for everyone whether you are only new to yoga or SUP or you’re ready to rock your world and get up-side-down, we’ve got you covered! Bookings are essential for this class as space is limited. Particpants must be able to swim should they fall off their board. A waiver is required to be  signed to participate in this class.

Jess has always enjoyed the physical rewards of practising yoga but was surprised at the significance of the emotional, mental and energetic benefits she was also receiving. With a strong desire to deepen her own knowledge and personal practise, Jess completed her training in Bali in July 2018. She also knew that the best way to learn is to teach. Jess is trained in Hatha and Vinyasa but has a personal love for teaching and practicing the style of Yin yoga and meditation. She particularly enjoys supporting and encouraging her clients to grow and reconnect to themselves by simply being, allowing and receiving in contrast to the the actions of striving to achieve in todays busy world.

The feelings of freedom gained through mobility and by having a tool to cope with stress and anxiety are aspects that she feels a personal desire to pass on. Her goal is to encourage everyone to make yoga an ongoing part of their lifestyle too, not only on their mat, but out in their everyday life.

"Explore body and breath to calm and focus the mind so you can begin the journey within, to discover your true nature.”

Jess is also a reiki master and food coach, and is completing her qualifications in personal training and kinesiology. She is extremely in tune with how her body feels physically and energetically, and hopes to use these gifts with her education in wellness to facilitate and empower her clients to improve their health and wellbeing using a holistic approach.

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