Tremors of the Heart Dynamic Vinyasa Flow
March 22 (Sunday) at 8:30 am

147 spots left

Gemma Balicki
Class length
1 hour
Kula Tent
Tremors of the heart dynamic vinyasa flow. Using breath, body, and an observation of internal and external vibrations to explore the essence of Spanda. The sacred tremor of creation that cultivates a pure sense of joy, beauty and interconnectedness. As our bodies start to ride on this wave of vibrational energy we start to open up to the power of creativity that lies in all of us.

Gemma Balicki - Gemma is a nomadic instructor currently sharing her world of yoga in Indonesia. Having recently left a demanding design career in Hong Kong, she's a creative soul who is passionate about designing amazing experiences to enhance the lives of others. Her main focus as a teacher, is to provide transformational and unforgettable classes to each and every one of her students, in a safe, fun and uplifting environment. Certified in Vinyasa yoga, her teaching style is strong, dynamic and creative but always safe. Her classes have a strong focus towards achieving balance in between dynamic movement, and use strength to move gracefully into poses rather than pulling yourself into them. Through mindful movement, and creative theming her classes provide an opportunity for you to deep dive into your internal world, allowing you to find a deeper connection with your body, mind and the greater whole.

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