Traditional Chinese Medicine & Yin Yoga Tutorial
March 22 (Sunday) at 9:45 am

Miranda Yates
Class length
45 minutes
Shanti Stage
Join South West Yoga Fest Founder Heather Starr, and TCM Certified Accupuncturist Miranda Yates for an educational and informative tutorial on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Accupuncture and Yin Yoga. Prepare to be guided into a few Yin postures in the 2nd half of this Tutorial. 

Heather Starr has been practicing yoga for over a decade, rolling out her mat in yoga studios all over the globe. Founder and Creator of Starr Light Yoga as well as Founder and Director of the South West Yoga Fest,  Heather was first introduced to Yoga in 2007 in Montreal, Canada, her home and native land. Heather did her 200 Hour Teacher Training course in 2009 in Costa Rica. She began teaching regularly in 2013. In order to continue her evolution of understanding and help compliment our Yang lifestyles and vigorous Vinyasa practices, Heather completed her level 1 Healing Art of Yin Yoga Teacher Training in July 2018 and has since grown a huge passion for Yin Yoga, and the anatomy and philosophy behind the practice. With her passion for Yin growing, Heather moved forward and has recently completed level 2 Healing Art of Yin Yoga Teacher Training in April 2019.  Heather is currently registered to complete her SUP Yoga Certification in November 2019. 

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