Transition Yoga
March 22 (Sunday) at 9:45 am

25 spots left

Cass Doyle
Class length
45 minutes
Samadhi Shed
Join Cass for a dynamic vinyasa yoga sequence which will focus on learning to embrace transitions. This 45min practice will warm our bodies and engage our senses as we explore the challenges that arise emotionally and physically when floating between a series of standing poses.  This class will help us to learn to love the process of transitioning so that shining in each pose is not so much about form, but our own unique approach to arriving there.   

Mamma, Teacher, Writer, Speaker. First introduced to yoga over 15 years ago, Cass dropped in and out of the practice and teachings depending on her life circumstances, that was until two things happened. Firstly she met her 'forever' teacher - Santina - in January 2012, then she birthed her son Archer in 2015. Both guide and teach her with love and kindness and provide the motivation for Cass to strive for the best version of herself. It has been in the last couple of years that Cass has drawn on the practice of Yoga as a mode of healing, having lost both her father and then her pre-term infant son within months of each other. Having completed teacher trainings with Nicky Knoff Yoga, My Health Yoga and The Yoga Space Cass brings a wide range of knowledge to her classes. It is however the direct experience of practicing with Santina for the past seven years which guides her current teachings.

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