Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Class
March 22 (Sunday) at 11:00 am

Andrea Gabriel
Class length
1 hour
Shanti Stage
Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Class - Creating abundant flow within your life. A Kriya is a set of postures that involves specific pranayama, mudra, and dynamic movement to shift energy within the body. This creates a gentle upward movement of kundalini, activation of the chakras and flow within the organ meridians. By bringing balance to the navel and heart chakras our strength, balance and determination flow from a place of love, compassion and connection, allowing abundance and opportunity to come into our lives.

Andrea Gabriel is a registered Acupuncturist, herbalist, multi modality therapist, energy healer, Level 2 Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher, author of Awaken to Transformation and Women's Soft Power Empowerment coach. She has been in practice for over 20 years. Her passion is to uplift and educate people, giving them the tools to awaken, nuture and heal themselves. She lives in the Carmel/Bickley Valley (perth hills) and teaches from the beautiful Raising Vibrations Yoga Studio. Here she gives her students and clients the opportunity to embark on a journey of self discovery and deep healing.

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