Yoga for Trauma
March 22 (Sunday) at 11:00 am

31 spots left

Jen Stuart
Class length
1 hour
Samadhi Shed
Yoga for Trauma. This is a unique opportunity to explore how we can heal from the inside. Trauma Sensitive Yoga allows space to heal emotional wounds through an evidence based practice designed for Complex Trauma and PTSD. It is also immensely beneficial for stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression and fatigue. Trauma is not at surface level, it is deeply rooted; and this is why repetition is so vital to your healing journey.The way out, is to come in. Coming out of numbing. Coming into the present moment. Be curious. You are safe. The practice is an arrangement of movements & holds, rhythms, open awareness, mindfulness, present moment experiencing, touch and breath.

Jen Stuart - Jen comes from a background of personal trauma, leading her to specialise in yoga for trauma. Integration of trauma, reconnection and embodiment are trickled throughout Jen’s classes, practice & life. You can explore the teachings in person and/or online. Along with training those who want to professionally develop. Jen also supports and empowers members of the community through social work.

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