Yoga Flow
March 22 (Sunday) at 1:30 pm

Stacey Mackintosh
Class length
1 hour
Shanti Stage
Join Stacey for a simple, alignment and breath focused, vinyasa class. With a whole career in movement and a strong personal practice Stacey knows her practice deep within her own body and can help students find their own depth in their own practice. Absorb the depths of your practice with a killer playlist and flow away....

Stacey is a yogi that was dedicated to her own practice for over a decade before she began to share her great love of yoga as a teacher 2 years ago. Stacey brings lightness to a strong and focused practice with her sense of humour, warmth and a deep and genuine kindness for her fellow yogis. Sharing a yoga flow practice steeped in traditional asana with a commitment to activation and awareness, Stacey will light the way for a clear, conscious and connected mind, body and soul

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