Chakra Toning
March 22 (Sunday) at 1:30 pm

150 spots left

Julian Silburn
Class length
1 hour
Kula Tent
This workshop will introduce you to using Tibetan and Vedic seed mantras to cleanse, tune, balance the Chakra energy centres. This practice connects you to healing energies of the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air, (Space). The material presented will give you the tools and practices to become your own Alchemist. Literally converting and transmuting the low vibration energy of stress, worry and anxiety, into the high vibration of our soul essence, being love, joy compassion and balance. This is a easy to use inner alchemy practice restoring your physical and vibrational health to its optimal resonance whenever we feel out of balance. We are vibrational beings that are essentially composed of all the elements. We will be using a variety of toning and breath-work methods to release and simultaneously transmute energetic blockages that come up as part of the process. We are connecting and tuning ourselves to the nature around us and to the nature found within.This will be a deeply empowering and restorative process leaving you feeling centred, grounded and as one with nature, yourself and the universe. mantra These practices are transformative and can assist in making significant changes for the highest good for yourself, the earth and the collective.

Sound Alchemy with Julian Silburn Experience and enjoy the ancient healing sounds of the: Didjeridu, Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls, Harp,Planetary Gong, Sitar and other sound healing instruments. Your sound and vibration journey will take you into incredibly deep states of relaxation-(a lot deeper than sleep),with incredible healing benefits. Each part of our body including the energy meridians, (chakras), resonate at different frequencies. To bring these frequencies back into tune involves a variety of sounds ranging from low to high vibrations which correspond to these energy centers. Various instruments are played over and around the body including Didjeridu’s, Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Native American drums and others. This cleanses the electromagnetic field of the body and impels the blood through the nerve endings which can greatly increase rapid recovery from illness and injuries. Sound and vibration sessions effectively tunes the body to its optimal resonance. Each part of the body actually resonate at different frequencies and matching those frequencies using the various instruments helps those vibrations entrain.When this is achieved you feel deeply rejuvenated and in a heightened state of peace. Sound healing is a highly effective and proven modality that has the following health benefits: * Promotes energetic harmony and peace on all levels of being * Cleanses, balances and harmonizes the chakra system * Improves sleep * Pain relieving * Boosts your immune system * Detoxifies and harmonizes on a cellular level * Eliminates stress * Promotes and enhances spiritual awakening and development *Julian has over 23 years as a transformational sound facilitator

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