The AUM-a-thon Dance Party
March 22 (Sunday) at 4:15 pm

Jess Kamell
Class length
45 minutes
Shanti Stage
Flow your way to Ecstasy: End the festival by winding down and integrating the community vibes, and process the feelings of being among the vibrant community over the weekend. Everything has a frequency - the frequency of our hearts resonates in sync! We start with fun, slow fluid movement, grounding ourselves in our hearts with our breath. We then work our way to some free movement and yoga styles that influence Jess's open freestyle of teaching, then shifting to ecstatic dance guided by live DJ Kylie Pearsall. Jess will guide us through the movement to free up all energy within us, to flow with life! Suitable for ALL ages and abilities. No yoga mats needed. Connection to yourself, the higher Self and the community is guaranteed!
 DJ Kylie Pearsall teaches yoga and meditation in Perth, as well as DJ's many functions and events. Have fun dancing it out as Jess and Kylie weave the magic of yoga and music together!

Jess Kamell is our International Special Guest at the 2020 South West Yoga Fest. Jess has a been dedicated to curiously exploring and digesting yoga for the past 14 years. Her passion for yoga sprung instantly. She fell deeply in love with the authentic connection and belonging her practice revealed. Teaching was a natural and potent progression, a way to share and continue this conversation with others. She has continually deepened her knowledge and understanding in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Anusara and most recently holds her certification in Embodied Flow™. 
Her willingness for self discovery is fuelled by a realization: that the more we look inwards and know our bodies, the more available we are to meet life with presence - rather than with a conditioned mind. This offers us the key to live an authentic liberated life and cultivate heartfelt connections. Jess’ intention for teaching yoga is to provide a space in which students awaken the essential Self and experience themselves in wholeness. 
There is a poetic nature to her teachings as she combines her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics with philosophy and imagery – a recipe that guides students deep within the layers of their bodies and awakens the wealth of love within their hearts.

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